zaterdag 13 september 2008

Moon Eyes Sweden Rat Fink Show

I came to think about these pics today... these are last years, I made the pics so don't expect to much.....
Man I miss Sweden sometimes..

zaterdag 6 september 2008

coffin part 4

I'm loving this big time! The colours, the lines, the flake, the lace, the stripes/lines, the waves, the fishscales.. the art!
I strong recommand BLUE MOON KUSTOMS for any flake N kandy job!
Jaymes rules! I love him!

coffin part 3

coffin part 2

Blue Moon Kustoms coffintank

I asked Jaymes Schmidt from Blue Moon Kustoms , , if he was willing to do a tank for me. I had this old ugly coffin here in Holland but it needed way to much work. No mounting tabs on it and the overall condition of the tank was'nt that great.
Jaymes got me a NOS coffin at a swapmeet and we started talking about flakes and kandys. I said I liked to see some fishscales, waves and the colour rootbeer was stuck in my mind. I really love blue but I that was way to save. I see alot of pretty blue tanks outthere with lace and stuff.
Jaymes added pagan gold and a dark gold, silver flaked stripes and blacklines....
and he got to work....
Here is his daughter checking to the flakes and if its taped up all right.