zaterdag 27 december 2008

eBay part2

this is a very nice original hand made sissybar from the sixties.very well made and very solid,about 3 feet tall ,and heavy.solid round stock.the patina chrome is really nice too. i'm not sure what it was originally mounted on but it is so long that it could easily be modified to fit anything.though it looks alright just hangin on the wall.period piece.sorry but shipping might be a lot as its long and heavy.i'll figure it out after the auction.
Item number: 290284499363
I saw one of these a couple of years ago on eBay... Useless in my country... but pretty sweet non the less...

Finch stuff.... kool!

vrijdag 26 december 2008

dinsdag 23 december 2008

Who says eBay sucks?

I'm not part of a scene and I dont have loads of friends that ride old bikes with old and cool parts.

I dont fly to California like once a year.

I dont know shit...

That why eBay works for me.

These things I like!

Unfortunatly I was too late for the pipes, i wanted those!

But due to US shipping only I needed to fix an address in the US. By the time that was done... the pipes were gone...

That frame is pretty wild! I love it!

maandag 22 december 2008

Triumph of the will?

Well not really... nothing much going on...

Chopped of the swingarm today... I should have waited till the hardtail is here but hey, can't sit on my arse all day now can I? Well I can, thats how I get paid...

donderdag 11 december 2008

sorry about the shitty lay out... I suck at a lot of stuff...

Nice old upswept cocktailshaker for the Traja...

Dont be scared...

In the end it will look way better... I hope!
Damn I want that bolt-on like NOW!
I'm a little worried about the frontend right now...
May need to give the front a bayarea lift, little frisco style in order for the springer to work in combination with a wheel after the springer has been cut down.
The rear will get an extra 10" so no problem there, the mooneyes tank will fit nice.
The seat is of the Crazy Frank fender I have laying around. Seems the look cool! Maybe I cook up same idea about a crazy frank styled fender that is based on an english style fender... you never know...
Those spiked risers look insane! You can say butt ugly but I still thinking about doing it... look crazy!
Those wheels look pretty sweet as well... at least I think so!
That tank is just TOO damn pretty!

woensdag 10 december 2008

Some postalcunt took Sik's SUPER SIXTIES grips.

Got the remains of my package back to day, in a small bodybag with a note saying something down the lines of ''here is your post, I know its fucked but hey thats life. Fuck you and goodbye, yours truely TPGpost''

So I you see a postalcunt riding around on his lil' moped or scooter rocking some super sixties please say hi for me.
(Those in the picture are mine)

maandag 8 december 2008

Going... due to taxes N shit...

Wanna have it? gotta have it? Leave your emailaddress + best offer and I'll get back to you... or not... Hate to part with it, I run it for like one and a half year on the fagstar but now its going. Will be on eBay in like a week or so.

zaterdag 6 december 2008

to choose between two (or more) evils...

Silver or gold grips? (get yours yet Sik?)

What sticker on the oiltank?
What taillight?
Chinese of mexicanfood?
Dont know....

It's here!

donderdag 4 december 2008

I'm in love...

It should be here late december or early january.
Wes @ FourAces will be shipping it, David Bird made it.
And I ride the shit out of it!
Its for a 500cc, but that has the same frame as the 350 unit so it should work nicely!
I'm gonna start getting my ass in gear and try to get the mill runing, stripping the bike like the rear frame section and put it for sale. Make some final judgement calls on the Ron Finch springer that seems to fit so nicely (even as I've to cut it down with like 1 and a half foot) and but the stock frontend for sale. Sale some other shit. Maybe sell the Fagstar even as it is a good bike that always runs.. but maybe I can keep it a couple months longer... I'll have to see.

You get the idea right?

I'm waiting for that MOONEYES oiltank to show up at my frontdoor...
I was planning on mounting it vertically in order to keep the slim lines of the small 3TA and to fill up the void between the seatpost and the rearfender/wheel.
Going through the 'Another World Of Chopper...2' this beauty showed up. I remembered some of the DicE Japan-issue. This is what I want for the 3TA! I had ideas about cutting up some MOONEYES disks in my head as well.. and those sure look sweet!
By no means I'm just gonna copy this bike. Maybe I'll do the rear wheel disk thingy and I hope to get the oilbag to work in this fashion. But my springer, my tank... hell everything but the disk and the oilbag will be totally different.
I just felt like posting this beauty anyway...
More cool stuff from deluxie right here:

woensdag 3 december 2008

Tjeerd's 3TA

A couple of days after I got mine, I found out that my budy Tjeerd @ Short-Cut got him self a 3TA to play with as well! His is a runner and he has the skills, tools and the space... and no one to tell him to do shit around the house. Here are some pics.. he's moving fast! He chopped off like a foot of the girderfork...That tank looks pretty sweet.
I'm off to the shed...