zondag 27 december 2009

annandag jul 2009 hos SHORT-CUT CHOPPERS

På väg till Tjeerd @ Short-Cut Choppers för annandag julens leka och meka.
Man ser Dalahästens ben vilken bevisar att jag har inte glömt Sverige.
I bilen finns hela Trajan chopperens byggpakket! Man ser ramen och tanken, hjul osv.

Trajan och snygga killen Floris... som komer att göra en reportag på Trajan när den är klart till nån MC-tidning.

Tjeerd svetsar...
Kustom Bart och Michiel har koll på saken....
Det var en bra dag med fint hojfolk!

zaterdag 5 december 2009

David Mann shirt..

I've always been a sucker for David Manns art. Ever as a 8 or 9 year old but thats due to my big brother that had, I dont know how many, David Mann / Easyriders posters in his room. To this day, nearly 25 years later I still feel that David Manns art is amazing, to me it captures the spirit of choppers and freedom. So I hope to get this shirt soon, ordered it today... some info on the shirt:
Celebrating the iconic work of American artist David Mann, FUCT has worked up a couple of graphic t-shirt designs depicting his legendary motorcycle artwork. As far back as the late 1960’s, early 70’s American icon David Mann was world known for his legendary artwork in Easy Rider Magazine. As a life long rider himself, many consider Mann to be the epitome of the biker artist. Mann’s paintings depicted the outlaw against surreal backgrounds, distorted skylines and colorful images that celebrated the chopper motorcycle as well as the freedom of the open road

woensdag 25 november 2009

Mock up to see what needs to been done....
relocated the coils...
Cleaned the carb.

Mr.E. redid the axles... very nice!

What needs to be done? (pre paint and wiring)
-Axleplates need work, the axle I'm using is in a smaller dia. The axle plates are for stock Triumph axles, I'm using 17mm in order to get these wheels to work.
-Fixing seat bracket.
-Fixing sissy bar.
-Fixing rearbrake controle.
-Fix longer, higher exhaust pipe!

Waiting for the frontbrake.., hope that works with the wheel and finch springer...

maandag 23 november 2009

Packed the car with the Triump chop puzzle.... 07.00 in the morging, left 07.45.
Drove up to Mr. E., 2.5 hour drive (1 way). He started his magic and created spacers and other stuff I needed. He worked 13 hours, packed my stuff got home at 01.45 at night. Thanx for everything! The food & drinks, the work, the good company... I was at work for 9 hours today, worked 1.....

zaterdag 21 november 2009

old add etc...

I'm already warming up for the mini brake stuff....

olika förslag inför Trajan...

Airfilter of some kind...

Rusty n crusty coffintank for mock up and first rides around town. I actually love the survivor / barn find kinda look with this tank...

That shifter has just an idea... dont worry1 hahaha

Imorron är det dags att leka hos Mr.E igen. Han ska fixa en del saker... Bilder kommer snart!

Coming soon:

Hurst / Airheart mini disk brake shit....

dinsdag 27 oktober 2009

zondag 25 oktober 2009


Getting uglier by the minut! hahaha
need a kingsize sporty tank that I can cut up for this piece of shit and a couple of cans of flat black, some bars... and some taste would be nice...

zaterdag 24 oktober 2009


Its been some time since last my last post.
Not much has happend since anyway.

I found this:

Now I can run a disk brake on the front and have cablelevers on the bars.

Foud this old Triumph racing sprocket that will be machined to fit.

maandag 4 mei 2009

..new seat 'n grips...

Found more Super Sixties and Sebastard hooked me
up with this nice seat! Thanx!

Billet bitch!

Now this shit is gonna be funny...
putting a billet rear brake on the front wheel on a ultra light old schoolish chop...

zondag 26 april 2009

Salvation is at hand!

Mr. E. offered to help me out with the rearwheel that was derailing the project and my mentalhealth.... I met Mr.E. in real life just once a few months back, I 'knew' him before that from THE dutch lowbudget chopper forum. So it was very cool of him to offer his help to me, a near complete stranger. So yesterday I drove my lil Skoda filled with old brit iron up to his house, 2,5 hours away. I arrived at his house at 10.00 in the morning and left at 23.15 at night.
During this time Mr. E. worked on my wheel, drawing, calculating and machining.... after 13 hours the wheel was done.... and perfectly!
It fits like glove now! The sprocket is inline and so is the wheel it self.
I'm a very happy guy! Now I can move on with this project!
I'm very very thankfull! For all the work, the time, the effort, the skilled craftmanship, the drinks and the food!
Its insane that Mr. E. invested that much time and work in a near complete stranger!

Blessed be Mr. E.!

woensdag 22 april 2009


Det är dags att deklarera .... både i Holland och Sverige... FAN!
Så jag är lite upptagen med nåt annat än hojar.. Helvete!

zaterdag 14 maart 2009

The last couple of weeks, no even months I did'nt even look at this project.
Lack of time and will.... and $...
Got some stuff to try out..... like these things...
Those weird twisted struts would look great with the soloseat and those twisted springs Tjeerd gave me + a nice ribbed fender would look great....
(ignore the helmet and the tank..not mine..)

Octagon oilbag...

Boring sissy bar....

Freaky twisted trident sissy straight from Hades! Damn! Needs some work since its made for a swingarm bike and I'm gonna have it on a hardtail. Some bending, drilling and shit....
I will not rechrome this.. I will rechrome nothing at all!

zaterdag 24 januari 2009

F#ck those invaders!.. well for now at least need to get this thing rolling, will try to fix the wheels later..

woensdag 21 januari 2009

Freaking out the squares... (incl. me)

This kinda freaks me out. The homemade wheels, well somebody made them at home at some point in time, are freaking me out. The rear needs a narrow sprockethub that fits. The only one that works on the wheel is too wide. In the front I need to get some mopped/scooter disk, brake etc. In the picture the tank is pretty big and it seems that the front could loose a couple of inches more... but in real life its perfect.
Need to do a lot of stuff, get the wheels to fit (with drive and brake stuff and axles.....), get some new rubber, fix bars + controles, mount rear fender + mini kingandqueenseat + sissybar, get a aircleaner, re-wire everything,.. get it running!