vrijdag 21 oktober 2011

New project

Due to demand this blog is back!
Since I got this nice shovel to screw up I actually have something to post.
Between this shovel and the Triumph (The Necromancer) I took on the Yamaha as project.
This Yamaha is for sale, see post below for pics and info.
I'm going over to Ede today to make it run a bit better by rejetting etc...
Plans for the shovel:
-Crazy Frank Fender that has been laying around for the last 3,5 years now...
-Crazy molded sportstertank (Thanx HUNTER!)
-Crazy square handlebars, to be made by my mate Paul
-Crazy (secret) exhaust.
-Homemade trippy primary cover
-Homemade kickerpedal
-Homemade paintjob by hand (see below)
-and over time maybe a rough girder frontend
-Frame will stay (near) cherry
Paint ideas... man I'm running over..
- No flat black
- No metalflake trendy shit
- no fucking periodcorrectness period!
- no pseudo hardcore biker looks
- Medival alchemy arts/prints,
-Occult symbolism, esoterica,
- philosophorum rosarium...
- Thoth Tarot (Crowley)
- Rosaleen Norton
- Timothy Leary (LSD guru)
- Alice in Wonderland (nee man is geen kiddy shit... is een verslagvan een zware trip!)
- Charles Manson.. fucked up minds think alike
- 70's posters
- Sweet Smoke (music)
-even aquarel paintings cross my mind!
More will follow as time goes by...

zondag 16 oktober 2011

"UGRA-KARMA" 4 $al€!

XVS650 “ उग्र कर्म ” (UGRA-KARMA)
ASKING PRICE: € 3.750,-
Bike is located @ Short-Cut Choppers / Kustom Korner, Ede, The Netherlands
Make & Model: Yamaha XVS650 Dragstar Custom
Year: 1997
Frame: Stock but heavily modified backbone by Metalshaper (NL)
Carburator: S&S super E bitches
Aircleaner: Modified Dragton
Manifold: Handmade by Rob @ Uptown Customs (USA)
Exhaust: Aftermarket/custom + fishtails
Handlebars: Texas Z-bars
Sissybar: Modified H-D aftermarket
Grips: Super Sixties
Footpegs: Super Sixties (grips)
Headlight: Aris style triangle hi/low beam
Rearlight: Nautical star
Seat: Metalflake vinyl + chrome seat pan by La Rosa (USA)
Fender: Modified ribbed english
Gastank: Mini Mustang / One eyed alien
Paintwork: Jaymes @ Blue Moon Kustoms (USA)
All other: Stock and fully functional
Additional info: उग्र कर्म
(Ugra-Karma) = furious karma / hostile action
Private sale, cash only.