woensdag 19 november 2008

New family member + new plan

Take this and add:
-a little rake to the neck for the Ron 'FAR OUT' Finch Springer.
-a MOON oiltank that wil be placed vertical under a soulless le pera solo seat or in front of the frame/engine.
-a DSK hardtail thing in the rear holding some home made invaderish drumbrake wheel.
-a divine Blue Moon Kustoms coffin tank.
-a small sissy large enough for a plate and a warbird taillight (or a coffin).
-a english type rear fender chrome, alu... or something.
-a pair of gold super sixties grips as pegs
-some pair of weird fog/headlights.
-some freaky bars
-sweep the megaton up for the looks.
-a boyer or something in order to get rid of the 6 volt battery and shit, why 6 volts!?.
-insert a gay knogjärn between upper backbone and the straight framepipe.
-a DicE cover for gayness

Sell the rest of the stuff and get run over by a truck...